Disable Top Sites on Safari – Mac OS X & Windows.

New windows and tabs in Safari by default display a 3×4 grid of Top Sites, which shows the web sites you visit the most often. Sometimes it will display sites you don’t want showing up, and it can also slow down Safari on older computers. If you would like to possibly speed up Safari and avoid any potential embarrassment try… Read more →


Show and Hide Hidden Files on Mac OS X Easily.

Mac OS X hides files for many reasons but if you ever want to see them, one way is with a Terminal command like this: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES Another way is on Open & Save dialog boxes you can press Command + . (dot). If however you would like to be able to hide and show Hidden Files simply,… Read more →


Change the Speed of the Dock – Mac OSX.

If you use a the Auto-Hide dock option you might find this post helpful, you can speed up the Docks animations and completely remove the Auto-Hide delay, immediately showing your Dock.  A quick-Tip that is sure to save you time. Remove the Auto-Hide Delay. Launch Terminal and copy & paste the following code: defaults write autohide-delay -float 0 && killall Dock The end of the command includes a killall… Read more →


Easily Customize Mac OS X Lion – TinkerTool.

If you like customizing and changing advanced and hidden OS X features and settings, TinkerTool is for you. TinkerTool has 12 categories Finder, Dock, General, Desktop, Applications, Fonts, Font Smoothing, Login Items, Safari, iTunes, QuickTime X, and Resume, each section has a handful of options ranging from small tweaks too large system changes. You can always return to default and undo all the changes… Read more →