Dual Boot Windows 7 and a Hackintosh OSx86 Install.

Disclaimer: Please backup your data before attempting any part of this guide MacTipsNow holds no responsibility for any damage or loss of data.

This guide assumes you have basic OSx86 knowledge, please don’t be afraid to ask questions I will do my best to help. This guide is wrote from my experience dual-booting OSx86 and Windows 7, just because it works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will for you, our hardware could be slightly different but in reality you should have no problems if you follow this guide step by step.

Step 1: If you haven’t already make an iBoot CD. (Download Here from tonymac and burn the image to a CD) (If you’ve followed my hackintosh guide here your iAtkos DVD has a chameleon bootloader, just press F8 when prompted when booting from the DVD, no need to download iBoot)

Step 2: Install OS X and set it up to be stable.

Step 3: Partition your hard drive using Disk Utility (Found in Applications/Utilities) make the second partition (MS-DOS) FAT and name it Windows. 

Step 4: Boot from your Windows 7 DVD.

Step 5: Format just the partition you created and named Windows then Install Windows onto that partition. 

Once Windows is installed it overwrites the bootloader with its own so Windows boots by default with no way of choosing Windows or OS X, we’re going to fix this below.

Step 6: Boot into your OS X partition using your iBoot CD, you should see it on the menu as well as your Windows partition.

Step 7: Once on your OS X desktop you need to download the Chameleon installer package here and re-install it onto your OS X system drive.

Thats it now when you boot you should see a countdown menu, if you hit any key there you should see both your Windows and OS X partitions just highlight whichever you want to boot and hit enter. 

To remove the countdown you can edit your Chameleon Bootloader Plist found in /Extra/ just remove the “Timeout” line from it for no countdown, or extend the timer by adding to the default 5 seconds.

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